Day 26 – Peony

Started on my “Peony” today.


Went online, searched for “Peony” on Google Image. Found a picture and used it as a reference picture for my drawing.


Transferring the image onto my copper practice plate wasn’t completely successful, I still need to touch up a bit with a pencil. Perhaps I should find a better way for transferring.


Engraving went pretty well. I tried my best not to touch the surface with my hands. I find that I do that very often when I try to wipe the shavings off and that caused some residue to accumulate within the cutting.

The center “pollen” area was quite a challenge; I have not gotten the hang of engraving tiny rounds and ovals. I am rather pleased with the way it turned out though.

Now that the outlines are done, the only thing left is the shading which I will do tomorrow.

The other tire inflator came in this afternoon from China. It is a bit smaller and based on the specs written on the outside, it is more powerful (max pressure of 120 PSI and displaces 40 L/MIN) than my current one (100 PSI and displaces 28 L/MIN).

However, I think I won’t modify it at the moment until the rest of the deliveries arrive. Then I will hook everything up and see if I can get a setup which gives me even more power.

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