Day 29 – Running Leaf Border


Kicked off my engraving practice today by removing the rust on my divider. Luckily for me, only one side of the divider is rusted. With my sandpaper, I got to work. It wasn’t that bad, so the task didn’t take me too long.

Next on the list, I finally get down to grind my 90 degree graver as it is required for the practice ahead. Since I was doing it manually, it took quite a bit of effort and time to work the high speed steel down with the stones. I will try and grind my gravers down further when my abrasive wheels arrive. It’s always good to remove excess material from the gravers, keeping it slim and unobstructive when used while also making it easier to sharpen.


The first chapter of the tutorial video talks about how to do a “Running Leaf Border”.

First, I did a single row running leaf border. Then I did a double running leaf border. It is interesting to finally be following proper instructions by a master engraver, instead of simply engraving by my method.

Tomorrow I will practice on Chapter 2.

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