Day 32 – New Air Compressor & Another Wrong Item Delivered

07:17 PM

A good part of this afternoon was spent replying to my student’s email.

Once that was done, I reassembled the new tire inflator, wired it to the speed control and gave it a go. Hmmm… It felt like it is a bit stronger? I can’t be sure. Doesn’t really matter as long as it works.

Just received another delivery of the wrong item. The incompetence of the supplier is unbelievable. I ordered a box of springs to be used in my engraving hand piece, but instead of the springs which I’m dying to receive, I got some kind of mouse pad in the shape of a cat’s head.

It’s the time I’ve wasted waiting for my item to arrive that pisses me off.  Not to mention, I will need make another order which means more waiting time. I will get a full refund and get to keep the item and it’s not even useful to me.

To be frank, I’m not as annoyed as I was during the previous failed deliveries as I do have a working engraving machine now to use, but I’m still quite bummed because the springs are the last component for my new hand piece with the 10 mm ball bearing as piston. Was really looking forward to the springs so I can continue my pursuit for “greater power” in my home made engraving machine.

Unfortunately, for now, this online sales platform is the only means for me to get all the miscellaneous parts. Once I have acquired all that is needed, I will never return again.

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