Day 35 – Weighing Down My Vise

Modifying the Ball Vise

According to the online shopping app, if everything goes well, the “Lazy Susan” I have ordered is almost here. With that, I decided that today’s project be modifying my existing ball vise by making it heavier which should make it more stable. My ball vise is the cutest thing, but being that small, it isn’t too heavy.

I went to the storeroom and got out my old weights from my dumbbell. I have two weight plates to choose from; a 1.24 kg and a 2.5 kg. Might as well go as heavy as possible, I went with the 2.5 kg plate.

With some aluminum brackets, I cut and form a holding area for my ball vise within. And within this holding area, I will be using a piece of non-slip mat to further the prevent the ball vise from spinning. The whole idea hinges on the idea that the weight of the ball vise is heavy enough sink itself deep and secure itself within the holding area of the 2.5 kg plate.

Hmmm… Anyway, let’s just wait for the epoxy glue to full cure before we try anything.

“Flare Cutting”

I’m enjoying myself with the new graver doing “flare cuts”. I find the designs look very elegant and classy, if done proper. However, because of the nature of each strokes and being as inexperienced as I am, “flare cut” seems to be a technique with limited to creating scrolls, flowers and leaves.

For example, I can’t imagine it would make sense to engrave a picture of an apple with this technique. I will continue to explore its potential.

“Flare Cut” practice plate.


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