Day 36 – Ball Vise Is Heavy Enough.

Ball Vise

Heh. My turn table was delivered last evening. Only then I realised how small it actually is; I chose the 5 inches option. That means the 2.5 KG weight plate is a bit too big and cumbersome to be used properly.

Good news is that my cute little ball vise is, in fact, heavy enough for it to be stable for most work. I locked the ball vise so it doesn’t rotate. Then between the ball vise and its plastic donut base, I placed a small piece of non-slip mat, stopping the ball vise from rocking.

On my 5″ turn table, I have placed a piece of white board which I found in my room, and fastened it down with some “Blu Tack” after cutting it down to an appropriate size. Works rather decently with the smooth plastic donut base being able to slide around to reposition. The whole set up makes the ball vise a bit higher, more useful yet compact enough to be put away easily.

Grinding and Organising Gravers

It feels like I have been slacking on the actual engraving part of this whole hobby, working a lot more on the tools and equipment side of it. But what is engraving without properly prepared gravers? This afternoon, I have gone through all my gravers, cutting them to a more acceptable length to be used on the hand piece of my home made engraving machine.

It started because I was trying to modify a beading tool but ended up grinding too much that I changed it into a punch. I thought since I was already grinding I might as well grind everything and so I did.

Even made a nifty holding cushion for all my gravers with a thick slab of foam. Things look way neater now. Nice.

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