Day 39 – A Box of Springs.

Chicken Coin Completed

Done with the chicken coin. My shading skill needs a lot more work. Did the stippled background for this because stippling is a new thing for me, and it makes the rooster pops.


A Box of Springs!

My box of springs came in this afternoon. Nice. Since it is a box of assorted springs, I started experimenting with different sizes and length of springs. The result of my brief experiment shows that with a longer spring, I can get the ball bearing (piston) to move at a higher speed (up to 50!), thus making the graver cut crazy fast across the metal. I would say it is good for cutting straight lines.

With a shorter spring. the length of my original 925 silver spring, the piston hits harder but only reaching speed of around 40. I believe the logic is with a shorter spring, there’s more room for the piston to draw back for more impact.

I will need to experiment more.

A Coin of Us

I worked on another coin today. It was a portrait of Constant Companion RR and I. I used a photo of us back in the days, taken at least 15 years ago?

It’s super difficult for me to cut such fine lines. Firstly, I don’t have such mastery over my gravery, yet, and also, I couldn’t really see so clearly with my current magnification. I should invest is upgrading my magnification soon.

Overall, I think I did alright.

We were so young.

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