Day 41 – Computer Aided Designing

02:15 PM

Been working on the computer for a good part of the afternoon. I was designing sharpening templates to be sent out for cutting by an online company specialising in acrylic.

The geometry is based on the ones suggested by the video tutorial I bought last night. I have already emailed the company the file and seeing how today is Sunday, I’m not expecting any response from them until tomorrow. Then again, I’m not sure if the company is still operating during this Covid-19 Circuit Breaker period. Hmmm… We will see.

After creating the templates, I worked on this idea I came up with last night. I needed a way to easily and accurately realign the 2mm round gravers for resharpening on the homemade sharpening holder, so my idea was to have the back of the graver to be slightly grinded flat, creating an area where the screw on the sharpening holder can prevent the round graver from rotating within.

My 3D printer is now creating the little holder I have designed for this purpose. It is supposed to hold the round graver perpendicularly (but 0.5 mm below) the surface of the stone. In theory, this should allow me to create a flat surface which is 0.5 mm lower from the surface of the round rod. With that in place, I can then start aligning the graver on the holder and grind away at other end of the rod.

Of course, precision equipment this is not, much like the rest of my home brewed equipment. It’s interesting to see if it works though.


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