Day 43 – Hooked on/ while Engraving

Hooked on/while Engraving

Last evening, I had this large, curly chip of copper hooked into my right thumb which drew a little blood. So deep it went into my thumb that I couldn’t even remove it straight out; had to twist it back along the curl through my skin and flesh.

It was just a matter of time I supposed. That was something I thought about when I started engraving as I noticed how sharp and tiny those chips of metal curled off the surface with each cut I make.

For that reason alone, I bought myself a handheld vacuum cleaner and keep it handy whenever I engrave just to reduce my chance of getting cut by the chips on my face and other sensitive area (like in between my fingers and fingernails).

More Practice!

I was doing a bit more of engraving this afternoon when the epoxy glue, holding the tool holder and the barrel of my hand piece, got loose. I noticed the glue held on to the tool holder; the smooth tip of the barrel didn’t provide enough grip. To fix this, I made a few cuts on the tip of the barrel before gluing them back together again.

No more engraving for tonight. Got to wait 8 hours for the glue to fully cure.


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