Day 44 – Start of Another Coin

Started working on another coin today. The design was inspired by this illustration of some plant I found online. Don’t really know what plant was it though.

Anyway, same thing, I drew it out and transferred the design onto the coin.

Cutting the outline was not too much of a problem. The problem is that I’ve decided to remove the background for a bit of practice. Not long after I’ve started removing the background with the means of my graver, I decided that I should have used a small round bur. Since I don’t have a small round bur with me, I had to slowly cut away at the background and then try to flatten and even out the surface. It was a lot of work; I should get a small round bur as soon as possible.

Regardless, it was good practice.

Once the background has been removed, I begun stippling it and that is where I left off for the day. Phew.

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