Day 47 – Engraving Straight from Book!

I’ve finished stippling the background on the scroll I was working on yesterday.


After that, I’ve decided to not waste time designing, but spend more time engraving to hone the skill. For that, I dug out an old book about Japanese family crests and started using the designs within to practice my engraving.

Found a simple lotus flower. Has the image transferred onto my copper practice plate and got down to work. Ugh. Got stabbed by another piece of sharp curly copper chip again. I need to either remind myself not to brush my fingers too forcefully across the surface or learn to break off the chip cleanly off the surface.

After the lotus flower, I found another flora design to work on. This is slightly more complex. For this, I try to make my cuts lighter and even throughout the design. I must say I’ve managed to achieve that.

I will work on adding some shading to the leaves tomorrow.

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