Day 50 – Major Upgrades!

Finished shading the previous design. Not too bad. I felt that I’ve done a decent enough job, so I’m giving myself a pat on my shoulder. Well done me!


For the next design, I wanted something that is more free flowing and asymmetrical, so I chose this one from the book. Don’t really know how to shade the leaves since there are already “vines” running all over them. I thought that by adding more lines to the leaves will ruin them by over complication.

This design is special though. This is the first design I’ve engraved under a stereo microscope! Yes. This afternoon, I received 3 huge deliveries. A new chair, a kind of shelves on wheels and then my microscope.

Need a lot of getting used to, engraving with the microscope. More adjustments will be made to make my engraving experience as efficient and as comfortable as possible. It really helps a lot when it comes to shading; to really see where the cutting point of my graver is at on the surface.

Completely unrelated, I decided to stop/ cut back down on my sugar intake. It’s just a decision that suddenly hit me last evening, as I was chowing down on this slice of crepe cake. I think I must have hit a limit and suddenly the thought of cutting down sugar completely/ reducing it greatly sounds like a wonderful idea to me. To be honest, for these past couple of weeks, I’d have one single sweet item for dinner almost every day. Don’t think that is too healthy.

This isn’t the first time I have such sudden decision which seemingly came from nowhere, in my life. And each time it happens, I would very much stand by my decisions rather strictly. Let’s see how it goes. Just for the record, I had nothing sweet today.

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