Day 51 – Comfortable Engraving

Another day of engraving, except it’s all done under the microscope.

I’m not sure which is more convenient/ efficient for me, engraving with my glasses on without the eye piece rubber guards or engrave without my glasses using the rubber guards. I feel it’s a bit more comfortable to do it without my glasses, but it’s quite inconvenient if I want to take a peek at something else (the design, or a quick peek at the YouTube video running in the background) without my glasses.

Anyway, it’s way more comfortable sitting up straight in my chair and engrave through the microscope. I find it difficult to judge which side the point of my graver is titled to.

I also need to keep reminding myself not to be too bothered when I make mistakes under all that magnification, because when I look at it with my naked eyes, most of the mistakes are completely unnoticeable.

A lot of getting used to, but I’m slowly getting there.

I’ve also switched to a longer spring in my handpiece which allows the piston to hit at a higher speed in exchange for power. That’s fine. It seems I can get smoother cuts at higher speed.

I started the day with this. As usual, I was okay with the outlines. Didn’t do a good job shading it. In fact, I started just experimenting with different ways to shade the the leaves.

The 2nd design I worked on today is this. I have finished with the outlines and just started on the shading the center part. Not too bad. I will finish it up tomorrow.

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