Day 52 – Just Another Day

Guess I’m not going back to work next month since my industry lies in the second of the three phases Singapore government has set up to safely reopen back to “normal”. Thing is we don’t know when is Phase 2 exactly since decisions will be made by monitoring the situation, which potentially means at least another 28 days (2 incubation periods).

I’m feeling a bit down with this piece of information. Although I think I’ve made use of my days in Circuit Breaker rather constructively, still it’s kind of the same thing every single day.

A typical day goes like this.

  • Wake up around 11am.
  • eat lunch
  • activity (engrave/ YouTube/ Animal Crossing)
  • buy dinner
  • eat dinner
  • activity (engrave/ YouTube/ Animal Crossing)
  • Jogging at 11pm
  • YouTube/ Animal Crossing until bed at around 2 – 3 am.

My hair is getting really long; there’s no reason for me to go have it trimmed at the moment. I’m sick of going down to the neighbourhood mall to buy dinner every evening. Even on YouTube, it feels like I’m running out of things to watch/ listen to although I know it’s quite impossible.

Anyway, that’s that.

Took a long time to finish shading yesterday’s work. Not too bad, I must say it’s one of the better shading job I have done so far.

Next, another wave inspired design.

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