Day 54 – Bigger Turn Table!

So I worked on this today. Took me quite a bit of time doing the shading. Made a huge mistake at the overall circular shape of the design (obvious mistake is at the top) when the pencil mark of where I was supposed to engrave was already rubbed off as I was cutting the basic outside shape. Thinking I could just wing it, I continued cutting.

Well, I guess I couldn’t “just wing it” afterall. Hahaha! Learning experience eh? I’m still trying to find a better way to properly transfer image on the metal surface. From my research, it is most likely going to involve a laser printer of some sort.  I’m reluctant to get one only because I’m unsure of where to put the printer. I will work on that.

Also, I bought a bigger turn table. From the 5 inch one I’m currently using, I’ve ordered a 10 inch one online. Though, not undo-able, I’m having a bit of difficulty centering my vise on my 5 inch turn table. Sometimes, the vise will be sitting on the edge of the turn table because it’s just slightly bigger than my vise. This extra weight on one side causes the turn table to move. That’s just too much unnecessary movement as I’m trying to keep focused on a single spot under the microscope.

I’m also toying with the idea of using a solid and stable wooden stool of an appropriate height where I can play my vise on as I engrave, instead of using the keyboard section of my study table. Sometimes it feels like there’s too much vibration from the study table itself. Again, it’s not unusable, I’m just trying to be fine tune things.

Let’s see how it goes.

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