Day 55 – Modified the Vise

I was working on this design today. At the moment, I have finished shading about 40% of it. Half way engraving though, I decided to epoxy glue the bottom of my plastic ball vise holder onto a 1.25 kg weight plate for additional weight. That is because I believe the additional weight will be useful when my 10 inch turn table arrive.

Without the vise, I didn’t do much engraving today really. Instead I spent most of the afternoon fishing and catching bugs on my island, “SwayinLeaf”, in Animal Crossing. Got a shock when I realised today’s actually Sunday, instead of Saturday. That meant that I’ve completely lost track of time and also that I’ve missed my only opportunity to bring in big bucks with Turnips Trading for this week! Mae the Turnip Seller only comes on Sunday until 12 noon. By the time I realised today’s the last day of the week, it was a little past 1 pm. Ugh. Luckily for me though, recently a lot of people around me (including Constant Companion RR) started playing the game. Since we are all in different time zones, I had another chance to invest in turnips for the week.

In the evening, I tried to come up with another place to put my vise as I engrave. The current spot is put out section of my study desk which is supposed to hold the keyboard of a computer; not exactly the most stable of places for my vise. Not only that, my study table isn’t your typical 4 legged variety, but instead from side view, it’s bent like a letter C with the only support, between the contact with the ground and the table top, on one side. That means I can easily shake the table simply by pressing down on one side without much effort.

I tried using a bar stool I have at home, which is about the same height. It works well enough, providing more stability to my vise than the keyboard slot of my study table will ever do, based on the fact that the bar stool has 4 legs firmly planted on the ground. However, that gave rise to another issue. I cannot position my legs under the stool while sitting on my chair, which means I cannot lean back on the back rest as I engrave.

One hurdle after another. Good thing is it keeps me busy these days.

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