Day 57 – Printer

Been a rather productive day today.

I started out with yet another Japanese crest engraving. Not too bad; didn’t make any serious mistakes.

Bored of engraving roundish crests, I tried my hands on a design which I found in a book which takes up the entire of my copper plate. Yes, it’s another chrysanthemum flower. I’ve finished with the outlines and only started on the shading. I think this is a great practice for my shading due to it’s size and flowy design.

So far for shading, I am able to control the distance between each cuts quite nicely. I’m even doing a bit of cross-hatching. I look forward to the end result.

Should be receiving my 2nd hand printer later tonight. The guy is nice enough to have it delivered to me by person. I cannot wait. Unfortunately, the printer comes without toner. So I will need to order toner online and wait for a couple more days before I can test the printer.

Sometimes, all you need is a little trust eh?

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