Day 62 – Black Paint


Finished my first “major” piece. The design is something I’ve drawn on my phone, then printed out on the printer and transferred onto the metal with the homemade “transfer solution”.

Did a lot of fine shading under the microscope. With the naked eye, some of the shadings are a little too fine to be seen too noticeably.

Notes to self:

  1. I should have a measuring reference when shading because I noticed as I shade different part of the design at different levels of magnification, the density of the shading also became inconsistent.
  2. I should have a “shading reference”. Because this design is symmetrical, I tried to duplicate the same form of shading from the right to the left. It was troublesome to keep referring to right side as I work. It’ll be better if I shade the design on the computer at the start then use it as a reference as I engrave.

I’ve ordered a tub of black enamel paint to be used to darken my engraving. That will definitely bring out the cuts significantly.


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