Day 64 – Testing Coin Signature

Engraving is ridiculously difficult to photograph. Anyway, I’m still waiting for my black paint to arrive so I can blacken my engraving to make it shows better. I have finished shading the design I’ve been working on since yesterday.

I feel like my cuts are getting lighter and more delicate. Not sure if this is right, but I think perhaps it’s because I’ve been cutting under the microscope and subconsciously I’m making lighter cuts because under the magnification, it looks like I’m cutting really deeply.

I’ve tried various size of the logo I’m intending to use to mark my “hobo nickels”.

Lastly, I’ve “upgraded” my “Speed Control” for my home made engraving machine. Using a plastic container which used to contain cotton swabs, I covered up the exposed wiring at the back of the control. Ironically, while adding on the back cover, I must have loosen the wiring on the On/ Off button of the speed control.

Doesn’t matter. The speed control, by default, is always on when I switch on the power. If I want to pause during engraving, I’ll just reduce the speed to 0.

Oh! I’ve also placed an order for the DIY templates with the acrylic supplier this afternoon. Hopefully I’ll get them soon. I should probably work on cutting/ preparing the graver blanks tomorrow.

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