Day 74 – Retouching Butterfly Coin


Felt that I didn’t cut deep enough on the wings of my butterfly; there are tiny patches of white where the black paint doesn’t cover. This afternoon, I retouched the wings again, this time, making sure that I’ve made deep and even cuts across the existing cuts, throughout the wings.


I have also made it easier for me to align my 2mm round High Speed Steel for sharpening (and future resharpening). By attaching a 3/32 inch (2.38mm) brass tube to the bottom of my round HSS graver blanks, I can now use the original Linsay sharpening holder to sharpen my round gravers.

Also, they looks kind of cool with a golden end. Not sure how well they will work since the epoxy glue needs a little time to cure.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t smart enough to come up with this idea; I found this idea in an online video and adopted it for my 2mm round graver. The inside dimension of the square tube is a little smaller than 2mm, so I had to do a bit of grinding before I can fit it through.

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