Day 75 – DIY Sharpening Templates


Went to Plaza Singapure in Dhoby Ghaut for the first time since weeks. Now that retail businesses are allowed to open again, I headed down to the “Art Friend” and bought some crafting material, namely the 3mm brass rods required to finish making my DIY sharpening templates. I didn’t loiter. Took the train down, headed straight to the shop, bought my stuff and took the train back home.

Lots of people around, I felt a little weird being among them. Though it seems that the virus situation in Singapore is under control, seeing the amount of people shopping outside makes me worry for a second wave.

Anyway, it was refreshing to be able to have all that crafting material in a single place where I can immediately look, compare and purchase on the spot. In fact, at one point I felt a bit overwhelmed, so I focused on what I came for and shopped only for those on my list.

I shall let the glue cure overnight and grind my gravers tomorrow.

Oh. I got a hair trim too. Quite a productive day.

Tonight will be the last night I’m able to go jogging at 11pm, on a daily basis. I’ll return to work on Monday, so I no longer have the luxury to go to bed at 3 am every morning. I shall write a concluding post about my experience in “Circuit Breaker” tomorrow.

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