Day 76 – That Concludes My Circuit Breaker Period.


Spent around 3 hours grinding 5 new gravers by hand. By the end of it, I was all sweaty and sticky and my right hand felt numb. However, with my hard work, comes 5 new gravers for me to use in my future project.

I cannot wait and try them out.


My personal “Circuit Breaker” has finally came to an end. Entering Phase 2, I’m finally returning back to work tomorrow. I’m genuinely glad to return to work as it is a sign of everything slowly returning back to normal. The faster the whole world reverts back as it was, the sooner I can travel.

The past 76 days of “staying at home” wasn’t as strict as it really ought to be. My only self discipline throughout this Circuit Breaker period is that I never travel anywhere out of my immediate neighbourhood and I limit being outside to only twice a day, once to buy food and another time at 11pm for a jog.

However, there were many occasions as I was walking, again, to the all too familiar neighbourhood mall, I felt a little depressed. Each day is no different from the previous.

I felt like I’ve made decent use of my time stuck at home, experimenting and learning a new skill (engraving). I won’t say my current engraving setup has no room for improvement, but it is something I built up with my own hands which works more than enough for my current level of skill.

Also, I’ve managed to surprised myself by going out and jog at least 5 nights a week. Although now I probably cannot go jogging at 11pm as it is a little too late, I will try to get my running done earlier especially since my gym remains closed until further notice.

Ever since the passing of my mother 6 years back, I hardly ever want to spend any time at home before this almost mandatory “stay at home” period. At the start, I was even really worried if I was able to be at home for such an extended period of time. I guess I came out fine. Being home every day also made me realised how much money I’ve been spending as I loiter outside every possible chance I got.

All in all, it has been an enriching experience being given all these free time to learn a new skill and to rediscover myself, while still being paid. This opportunity probably won’t come again any day soon.

Anyhow, I probably won’t be posting anything tomorrow. Thanks for reading!

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