22nd August 2020 – An Update

How’s it going?

Been two months since my last post; a lot of things happened since I returned back to work.

The world is still trying to get back on its feet after the pandemic which means, unfortunately, travelling still isn’t something that is readily available for most of us. I’m waiting with bated breath for the next opportunity to travel.

I’ve gotten used to the new reality of things. I’ve gotten used to wearing a mask for the entire days; the sensation of having my face wrapped up and its slight restriction of being able to completely breathe freely are the new norm. Still, I found myself a couple of times walking out of the front door without a mask on.

The most severe of such cases, I actually tapped into the MRT station before I broke out in cold sweat and realised I wasn’t wearing a mask. Immediately, I turned around and tapped out of the gantry and proceeded to the nearest convenient store (luckily there’s one at the station), and spent $28 dollars, purchasing an entire box of masks. Since that incident, I’ve placed several spare masks into all my bags to prevent such mistakes from reoccurring.

For contact tracing, I’m also used to checking in and out of whichever building I’m about to enter. Gratefully, the process has been streamlined as Singapore deals with the situation. It’s just a matter of scanning in the QR code provided at the limited entrances of buildings, to log into the government website and with a button, my information would be recorded and the only thing left to do is to show, whoever is standing-by at the entrances, the screen of my phone indicating a successful check-in. Though it’s not as troublesome as the early days of the outbreak, this process still deter me from entering certain places at times.

That’s all I got to say about life around me for now.

These days, with all my free time, I’m trying to pick up the skill of programming with much of Constant Companion RR‘s blessing. Although I would love to spend a little time exploring engraving more, I would say I enjoy working on the “homework” my online course is giving me. I must say I’ve had an easier time learning engraving than I’m doing with programming since I’ve always been a “hands-on” person.

Even at this early stage of my course, I can feel the strain on my late 30s brain as I try to wrap it around the ideas and concepts of computer science. It doesn’t help that I’ve always been a pissed poor student academically and don’t get me started on how I fare with mathematics. All this feels too much like going back to school and study again.

Nevertheless, I’m trying my best. I’m tackling this challenge the same way I’ve been dealing with jogging. I hated jogging/ running, but I’m very proud to say that I’ve been consistently putting in time and effort to run at the very least, 3 times a week right from the start of the pandemic. Even after returning to work two months ago, I’ve still stuck on with my nightly runs.

While I was never athletic and I cannot genuinely say I love to run from my heart, but by pushing and forcing myself to put on my jogging attire every other night and head out to keep doing it, I’m now better at running than I was before; I can run faster and for a longer period of time, and the best part is I’m in better shape than I was since I started running.

This act of “self torture” made me realised that a man cannot just live his days in complete contentment and pleasure, and discomfort is needed for any form of growth.

I’m going to apply the same mindset to my new self-learning venture into computer programming.



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