08th September 2020 – An Update

Huh. WordPress has a new editor. Need a bit of getting used to. The classic editor is still available for me to switch to, but I guess I should not shy away from trying new things.

Let’s see… Lately, I’ve been watching a lot of walking videos on YouTube. Basically they’re nothing more than having the content creator walk around an area filming with a camera, stabilized with a gimbal, and recording the surrounding environmental noise with a stereo microphone. This style of videos reminds me very much of the style of how Constant Companion RR and I travel. With a basic idea of what to see in a given area, a general direction, we simply walk and explore.

It seems really fun to walk and film. You can get in some healthy, low impact workout while exploring somewhere new and then capture your findings in video. Might want to give it a shot myself one day when I’m somewhere more interesting.

I’ve been trying to complete CS50. Currently at Week 4 which is still dealing with C programming language, I felt a little stuck and confused with the assignment. In an attempt to help myself understand better, I stopped working on the assignment and started reading up on the C programming language in an eBook I bought over Amazon. Didn’t want to just get stuck at the problem until I got so frustrated and start looking online for the solution.

The learning progress is slow and tedious; discouraging at times. However, reading other people’s lamentation online, it seems this is to be expected and I’m not the only one having a hard time. From what I understand, things will get a bit easier when I work with more “higher level” programming languages. Now, I need to just try my best to understand C.

I do have a few projects which I’m very much looking forward to creating when I’ve acquired the necessary programming skills to do so. While I’m used to create physical things, this time I’m trying my hands on creating digitally. Strangely, I’m feeling the same kind of excitement.

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