21st October 2020 – an update

Just started an online course on Web Development on Udemy.com, taught by this Dr.Angela Yu. The teacher has a really sweet voice and is very well-spoken; however she speaks in an extremely… Elaborate manner. No biggies though. Speeding up the playback speed of the videos by 1.25X kind of fixes everything. What matters most is that her course is as informative as it is interesting.

So far, I’ve learned a little on HTML and now, learning about CSS. I wanted to learn how to program mobile apps on Flutter (bought an online course, taught by the same Dr.Angela Yu, for that) however, I encountered a lot of issues trying to install the program on my current laptop. I suspect that my laptop is a little too old-dated. Learning Flutter will have to wait until I get a new laptop or until I figure out how to fix the issues. Not wanting to waste time, I jumped into trying to understand Web Development.

At this point, while I cannot say I’ve mastered anything in particular, if there’s one thing I can take away from putting whatever free time I have into taking these online courses, is that I now know a little bit more how certain things work on a basic level.

2020 is such a troubled year, I’m glad to be spending a little time focusing inwards on improving myself while trying to ignore the chaos outside.

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