27th october 2020 – an update

Just feel like writing something at the moment, so here I am. Let’s see…

How have I been recently? Haven’t been making much progress with the Web Development online course. Been kind of busy at work, didn’t really have much opportunity to slip in a little “study time” here and there. Only thing I can do after committing 14 hours of the day to my day job, is to put in an hour or two (depending whether or not I go for my night run) just before bed time. Not optimum, I must admit; on many occasions, I find myself dozing off on my chair in front of my laptop with the course running. Nevertheless, I can genuinely say I do enjoy learning and I can’t wait until I’ve acquired the necessary skill to realise what I’ve planned.

It feels like I’ve been repeating myself about how consuming my day job is and how much I struggle to spend my limited time as economically as possible. I’ve to apologise if I am; I’ve not been keeping track of what I’ve been writing. However, this predicament will change in 2021; I’ve foreseen changes which are inevitable and perhaps, welcomed.

The company I’m currently working for, is like a dying Savanna creature, weakly breathing and lying on its side as vultures take turns eating it alive. The worst part is that the vultures are only, at the moment, munching on the non-vital areas, prolonging the doomed animal’s suffering, instead of killing it outright. It’s a shame such an ending comes to what used to be a majestic beast.

I’ve had a good time all these years and the situation saddens me a little, but there’s nothing I can do except to have my next couple of steps planned ahead for the imminent end. Just like the Chinese proverb goes, “There are no endless banquets in the world”. Being honest to myself, I must say that I need this change to move forward.

Yeah… And I cannot wait to travel again so I can write about my travel experiences again.

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