27th november 2020 – an update

Hello! Been a while since my last entry. Today was a long and fruitful day. Came back from work and even went for my night jog showered. Bed time is about 2 hours from now, since I just came out from my shower, I decided to write a little update before I continue with my current project.

Sorry if I’m repeating myself, I’ve left my previous gym; the Covid situation made it pretty difficult for me to utilize my membership fully, so I decided to go jogging instead. However, I’ve been a little lazy lately. Probably have something to do with the chilly weather in Singapore, making it extremely tough to get out of bed in the morning and go jogging at night. Second reason/ excuse I can think of is probably I’m working on this new project.

My new project is kind of a web app. Nothing fancy or too complicated, I’m just using the basic HTML, CSS and JS learnt from my online course. Nevertheless, I believe it can be really useful for this specific group of people I’m making it for. My online mentors are right, I’m learning more by applying what I’ve learnt making real life projects. To my surprise, I’ve managed to create what I set out to do, so far. Quite an enriching experience really.

We are entering the last stretch of 2020 in a few days time. I don’t really know what to expect in the month of December because lately, things around me are so volatile. It’s comforting to be distracted and working on something; time passes faster that way and I also get rewarded with a sense of satisfaction.

Well then, time to go back to work. Thanks for reading! I’ll see you again.

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