tendered my resignation

I’ve tendered my resignation this morning. Been thinking about it for the longest time, held back by fear and uncertainty of being unemployed/ self-employed. This morning, I felt ready and since it’s something that I will do sooner or later, I printed out the letter and handed it over.

Took several baby steps to reach this point.

Had the letter typed out a couple of weeks ago where it sat in my Google doc cloud since. Every now and then, I’d do some minor editing, changing a couple words to make my feelings and statements clearer. Then I would update the date… And close/ save the file.

I’ve repeatedly calculated my current monthly expenses and reassured myself with whatever I’ve in my bank account that it will be sufficient for my family and I, for a set amount of time. Fortunately, I’m pleased to announce that my monthly expenses are relatively low since I don’t spend all that much. It’s not like I’m thrifty or a miser; I simply don’t have too many places/ interest to spend money on.

Lastly, I’ve planned for the next phase. More importantly, I’ve made preparations.

Why leave?

Up to date, this is the longest time I’ve ever worked in a company. Since 2014, I’ve tried to make a career for myself but year after year, it gradually became a job. Can’t say I didn’t try. Heck, I’m proud to say that for the whole of my 7 years tenure, I’ve never taken a single sick day nor came in late. That probably should amount to something right?

I’ve enjoyed my time here. Working hours are long, but colleagues are nice and (mostly) easy to work with. I’ve no trouble with the job. Not once I’ve to drag my feet to work.

However, things have changed. Without going into details, a new higher management stepped in and took over. Some colleagues got laid off, whoever is left have to deal with adjustments to their salaries and schemes.

In these troubled times when the economy lies devastated by the global pandemic, I’m extremely lucky to have a my job and in terms of pay, mine was completely left untouched. In fact, I’m getting even more than usual. Of course, there’s no such thing as a free lunch. In return, my job scope evolved to this mad hybrid of duties; duties which I’m totally capable of doing, but have zero interest in.

Being responsible for meaningless tasks really left me drained physically and mentally. Haven’t been hitting the gym for a several weeks and I know that the less I exercise, the more lethargic I will feel. My hair is getting way too long and still I haven’t made an effort to get them trimmed.

There’s really nothing stopping me from staying put where I am and fulfilling my duties in a half-heartedly, and still collect that monthly paycheck. Yet, I’m not about that kind of life. If I don’t go, I’ll remain unhappy, tired and my hair will just keep on growing.

The Next Phase

Back in 2017, I was in Taiwan, Jiu Fen and for the fun of it, got my fortune read over a hot pot of tea, in an ancient tea house. I’ve recorded the event in this post.

I was informed by the impromptu fortune-teller (again, probably the tea house owner) that I would do well in the food industry. It’s something that I always remember from that exchange, although I suspected he said that to me because I was overweight back then. Regardless, I didn’t base my decision for my “next phase” because of that, but it will be nice if the fortune-teller is actually right with his reading.

I’m going to start an egg roll business.

To my overseas readers from the states or Europe, I’m not talking about those kind of deep-fried egg rolls with meat and vegetables. I’m making buttery, flaky, eggy-flavoured biscuit egg rolls.

My egg roll.

Since January, I’ve been spending all of my days off, experimenting on egg rolls. It’s been quite an experience for someone who has never baked before and no mentor to learn from.

Approaching egg rolls making the same way I did with my jewellery design rendering, I was meticulous with every details and I took note of everything. I’ve watched all the egg rolls making videos I could find on YouTube, observing how the egg roll masters work their craft and try to incorporate their techniques and habits into my own.

It was very hands-on learning and a lot more time-consuming that I’ve imagined. Made a lot of mistakes. Made a lot of egg rolls.

Now, I have an egg roll which I can call my own.

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