9 unchained days

It’s been 9 days since I’ve been a “self-employed” man. How do I feel?

No Gym for Now.

Let’s see. First and foremost, I wanted to “hit the gym” in the morning. It was one of the daily tasks I’ve given myself for a sense of routine and direction towards my personal goals. Since I’ll not be bringing in as much dough as I was, at least for a few months, the least I can do for myself is to get into a better shape.

However, I left on the 7th and because the local covid cases were increasing, the government decided to close all gyms for a month on 8th of May. Well, it’s not full closure; the rule was only “low intensity” workouts were allowed indoors, and one’s to do them with mask on. Any weight training is out of the question. Just another way the pandemic has thwarted my plans.

I strives and excels on a routine while slow to adapt to any sudden changes. The plans I’ve made weeks before I quit my job, have to be readjusted to fit my new current lifestyle. For now, it’s back to nightly run around the neighborhood.

Egg Rolls

I’ve made some progress on my little egg roll business. We’ve been making egg rolls, fulfilling another big order from a returning customer. Got a new domain name for the website. Even experimented a couple of new flavours. Our customized packaging boxes are coming in, should be arriving within these few days. Once the boxes arrived, we’ll be pushing to fulfil our backlogged orders and put in a bit more effort in promoting our egg rolls.

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