Happy 2022!

It’s been a while since my last entry. We are 11 days into 2022. Things will be very different. I will be heading over to London to join up with my wife, Rui Rui. I’m aiming to fly over sometime in the middle of February.

For the whole of this month, I’ll be preparing for the move. Although I’ve a rather long list of “things-to-do”, I’m making good progress completing the tasks.

Things needed to be done, done so far.

I’ve made arrangements to keep things running smoothly at home while I’m gone, for my dad. I was hesitating to tell him about my plans at first. While I don’t think he will disagree with my decision to go overseas, I was afraid that he might feel abandoned. That fear was unnecessary however, he gave me his blessings.

Had to renew my passport. It expired a while back last year and since I couldn’t travel anywhere because of the pandemic, I didn’t bother to have a new one made.

For my visa application into UK, I’m required to take an English examination to prove my language efficiency. Booked the only available date for the examination this afternoon.


As nervous and worried as I am to start anew in a foreign land, I’m also excited and looking forward to start my life with Rui Rui, properly finally, and for a change. My few close friends have been very encouraging with the plan. “Step out of your comfort zone, who knows what you might find?”, they all say.

I completely agree, but that does nothing to ease my worries.


Writing about this feels pretty good, especially after taking such a long time off from posting. Didn’t write because I really didn’t have anything going on in my life to write about. Now that I’m going to live abroad just before 40, I’m sure I’d have plenty to write about.

Thanks for reading. Hope you’ve been well.

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