25th Feb 2022 – An Update

At the moment, I’m waiting for my UK Spouse Visa to be approved. The gentleman, who assisted me in processing my application, informed me that I’ve got to wait “60 working days” for the result. The husband of a good friend of RUI RUI was in the same situation as me, a few years back and it only took him 2 weeks to get his UK Spouse Visa approved.

Today’s exactly 2 weeks since I’ve submitted my application. Granted it was on a Friday and they would probably only mail it out the following Monday, I guess I can look forward to a reply this coming Monday? One can only hope since there’s no way to find out for sure.

In this strange situation that I find myself in, there’s no way for me to commit to anything. To stay sane, I try to hit the gym every morning which also motivates me to sleep earlier at night and wake up before noon. The best thing about being able to exercise daily is that it makes me feel pretty good. Thank you endorphin!

About the pandemic, people around me have already contacted and recovered from covid. From now on, we are just trying to live with it The government is no longer updating us daily on the number of covid cases since it’s reached the point where it’s impossible to get an accurate number. We are still required to wear masks whenever we are outside. If infected, the recommended course of action is to stay at home and test yourself once a day with the test kits until you’re negative or it’s been a week(?) of “self-quarantine”.

And that’s where things are heading towards.

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