06th June 2022 – An Update

How’s it hanging?

Since 18th April, I’ve managed to find myself something (a job) to keep myself busy as I continue my seemingly endless wait for my VISA approval. It’s not too bad, this current arrangement. I stay busy, my mind stimulated and I get paid for my time. On top of that, it’s a 20 minutes bus ride from the bus stop close to home. Can’t get any better than that really.

The working area, located in an industrial area, is very different from where I used to work. Things and people here are a little rougher on the edge but it’s nothing I can’t get used to. I’m getting along with my colleagues just fine. However, they can get really noisy and loud at times and it’s really distracting when I’m trying to concentrate. Usually, when that happens, I’ll just pop on my earphones to try to muffle out the commotion.

On a work day (Monday to Friday), I’ll have to shift my workout timing to the evening time. All these have been going on for slightly more than a month now, and I’ve already settled down into a very comforting daily routine.

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