04th Aug 2022 – An Update

UK Decision Making Centre contacted me recently, in regards to my VISA application. They wanted me to send some documents and future proof of my relationship with RuiRui. That’s good since that means that they’ve received my application and it’s currently in consideration.

I spent a good part of last week consolidating several selected pictures from our travel albums. Then I weaved everything up, in a proper timeline with captions into a nice PDF file. Once I’m done, after letting RuiRui vet through, I’ve sent the file to the email address they gave me.

Now, it’s back to the waiting game.

I’ve already spent a little more than 3 months in this jewellery wholesale company. It’s not a very challenging job since most of the jewellery they produce here is rather simple. However, it’s nice to have something to do while I wait for my VISA. A couple of my colleagues are truly unique characters; witnessing their daily activities is a good way to kill time at work.

Weekdays, after work, it’s dinner at home and then gym for an hour or so. Saturdays are spent with friends and Sundays are spent at home. Such is the routine that I’ve settled in at the moment.

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