16th August 2022 – An Update

After 6 months of waiting, I’ve finally received my visa. Took the day off to collect my passport yesterday, but I wasn’t expecting to receive it though, since RuiRui was telling me I’m supposed to receive a letter which states whether or not my visa has been approved or not and I haven’t receive such a letter.

However, the email reminding me for collection stated “your processed application” which tells me that the decision must have already been made. Doesn’t matter. After all that confusion, what matters is that I’ve finally received it. Now I got 3 months to enter the country.

These days I’ve been thinking about “being an adult”. I think back about the “adults” I know as a kid; authority figures like a teacher or even my own parents, people I looked up to for guidance in life. Do they really know what’s going on? Are they, like me, simply reacting to situations? Surely nobody has a plan for everything life throws in their way. Right?

At this age, as an “adult”, I know what’s expected of me and my responsibilities. Thankfully, I’m capable enough to get things done. Like always, I’ll take one thing at a time. My next step is to complete the list of things-to-do, which I’ve prepared months back. That should get me ready for the next leg of my journey. Things are going to get exciting!

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