A Brand New Adventure! Day 0.

This is it. Just finished packing all my stuff. I’ll be flying off tonight at 2230hrs.

Woke up earlier than usual this morning, and after a quick visit to my dear mom, I went to the usual cafe to have my usual tea and toast breakfast. It didn’t feel quite the same. Since I’ve a flight to catch and some packing left to be done, it felt like I was rushing against the clock.

These days, I’ve felt a change in the way the world feels. These changes always come with each important milestones of my life, like when I was getting married, or after losing my dear mother. It’s like the air around me, feels different. The common sights and sounds, suddenly seem slightly unfamiliar. When I think about it, I supposed the change comes from within. it’s probably just that my senses have made some adjustments to prepare myself for the change ahead.

With everything packed and ready to go, I look forward to starting anew somewhere so different. Being 39, any changes in my otherwise stagnant life, is welcomed.

Rui Rui and I will finally be able to live together, as man and wife. I’ll be a first-time pet owner; a cute 8 weeks-old kitten awaits me in London. Living in a new environment means everything will be fresh to me, I’ll have better content for this blog and I can stimulate my tired, inactive mind. I’ll have new work opportunities; perhaps my skills set can take me further in UK than if I were to remain here in Singapore.

Overall, the benefits from this move overwhelmingly outweighed the drawbacks. It won’t be easy, I’m sure, but I will not have to face it alone.

My next entry will be posted from London. Thanks for reading!

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