New Adventure! Day 3

Good morning. It’s 8:46am and my pot of coffee is brewing on the stove at the moment. That will be the first time I’ve ever made coffee in a Moka pot in my life. I wasn’t much of a coffee drinker back home, but since Rui Rui is an avid coffee lover, I thought I will join her.

Today’s the start of my 3rd day here. I’m still not quite settled yet; there are still things to be unpacked. On the first day, we headed down to a local post office to collect some official documents and spent most of it catching up with each other. The first meal I had is dim sum at this popular, tiny shop. It was unintentional really, but we were walking by the vicinity and Rui Rui just so happened to realise that the shop was nearby and towards its direction we went. The food was good, I especially enjoyed the roast duck with chestnut buns. Place really is small and cramped though.

Yesterday, I met up with the new, 8 weeks-old kitten “Drogo” at the animal hospital. He was there to have his ears checked as he’s excessive earwax and is constantly shaking his head. The vet did a quick checkup on him and quickly found the mites living within his ears. Apparently, this is a very common case for cats. He then received the necessary treatment and medication. The treatment involves holding him down and filling up his ears with this fluid and massaging his ears gently for 3 to 5 minutes. It must have been quite an ordeal for the kitten; fluid in the ears was never a comfortable situation to be in.

At night, we popped over to Rui Rui’s BFF’s (Swan) place for dinner, where Swan made each of us a delicious burger. The food Swan made last night is the kind of food which I’m more than happy to pay good money for in a restaurant.

There are still so many things that I need to relearn and get used to. Again, today’s the 3rd day… It still feels somewhat like a holiday.

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