Picking Up Cooking

Day 4. I’ve decided to learn how to cook. Personally, I don’t feel that cooking is difficult. I can understand the general concept of basic cooking, now it’s just a matter of putting in the time practising.

Throughout this afternoon, I’ve spent a good amount of time searching for simple recipes online, collecting those that interest me in a folder. Hopefully, I’ll be using them in the days ahead.

This evening, Rui Rui’s BFF, Swan, invited us for dinner partly because she wanted to teach me how to cook. I picked up on quite a bit of cooking tips from her and even hands-on a little as she was preparing dinner. At one point, it felt pretty fun. In the end, Swan prepared 4 dishes and a soup. The dinner satisfied my stomach, my mind and my soul.

Swan’s kitchen is well equipped and her fridge, well-stocked with all kind of ingredients. Both of which have became a source of inspiration for my own kitchen and fridge.

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