Settling Into a Routine

I’m the kind of person that functions best with a routine. It seems that I’m building up a new routine with making coffee for Rui Rui and myself being the first thing I do in the morning.

I’m more of a tea drinker if anything. My peasant’s tongue can’t tell the subtlety of the various coffee beans. Unless the coffee tastes like absolute sewage, I won’t know the difference between a cup of good coffee and bad coffee.

I don’t outright hate black coffee; it’s just something hot to drink in the morning. Given my inability to tell the differences or getting into the whole coffee culture, I consume black coffee more for its reported health benefits than actually savouring/ enjoying it.

However, I do enjoy the flavour of coffee in other forms, like ice cream and cakes. I suppose all that sugar, cream and milk will make anything tastes better.

Anyway, I hope to quickly add more activities into my current, rather empty daily routine.

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