Okonomiyaki for Dinner.

Made okonomiyaki for dinner tonight. It turned out surprisingly decent. I supposed it’s because I’ve got the mayonnaise, the okonomiyaki sauce and the bonito flakes, all the ingredients made the taste a lot more authentic.

Unfortunately, in this cold weather, what I crave is warmth from the food I consume. The okonomiyaki doesn’t hold heat very well; quickly turning cold even before halfway through my meal.

I should look into learning how to make soups and stews. Let’s compare making a stew to making okonomiyaki. The time needed to prepare the ingredients are more or less the same, but when it comes to actual cooking, making soups/ stews has an advantage since all I needed to do is toss all of the ingredients into a pot and wait with the occasional stirring. To cook okonomiyaki, I have to physically man the stove and flip the Japanese pancake so that it cooks evenly on both sides.

Needless to say, soups/ stews give the most bang for my buck in terms of heat retention. Nevertheless, I’d fun making that okomiyaki. It’s good practice for me to cook and to get used to the kitchen. The fact that the meal turned out alright, it gives me confidence.

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