Bathroom Painted. The Pursue of “Liveability” Continues!

With my trusty paint roller on a pole, I’ve put on the last coating of paint yesterday on the walls and ceiling of the bathroom last afternoon. Now the bathroom is looking pretty good and new… Except for a few hard-to-reach, out-of-sight areas. Nevertheless, the coating of paint I’ve laid on those walls came out smooth and even. I take that as a win.

That’s another task down for our quest for a more livable home.

It’s been a busy afternoon yesterday. After my paint job, 3 pieces of the furniture we’ve ordered from Amazon arrived around noon. We spent the rest of the afternoon setting up the desk, the chair and the drawer unit.

That evening, Swan invited us over for another delicious and body/soul-warming dinner at her place. She was making Korean bibimbap and since it was relatively easy to make, she thought I should learn that recipe. I helped with cutting up the vegetables.

In fact, I did quite a bit of cutting yesterday. Between painting the bathroom and assembling the furniture, I helped Rui Rui cut up an entire pineapple too. It was my first time “processing” a whole pineapple, and I was surprised how soapy its flesh feels. We had to watch 2 different Youtube videos on “how to process an entire pineapple” as I followed step-by-step. I think I’ve done a pretty decent job and most importantly, I still have all my 10 fingers.

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