Not Authentic!

For years, Rui Rui has frequent this particular restaurant that sells South-East Asian cuisine. She’s always been telling me about it quite often that she’s brought many South-East Asian friends there and none of them has anything good to say about that.

This afternoon, I’ve finally got the chance to eat at that restaurant. We ordered a “Singapore Laksa” and “Tauhu Bakar”. To me, the “Singapore Laksa” tastes more like the “Curry Chicken Noodles” with a hint of coconut milk. In fact, this “Singapore Laksa” has pieces of chicken within. How baffling! They even garnished the noodles with tiny strips of cucumber. Honestly, it doesn’t taste bad, but I don’t think it’s worth the price of £12.50. Maybe it fares better if the dish is renamed to “Curry Noodles” instead.

For the “Tauhu Bakar”, there’s nothing much to comment on. Since the ingredients are so simple, it’s pretty hard to mess it up. It’s alright.

This evening, I cooked beef sukiyaki. I think I did a pretty good job with that. Rui Rui commented that it tastes great, just a little too sweet and too oily for her liking. That took me by surprise because I’ve already reduced the amount of sugar in the recipe I used. The oil came from the choice of meat I used; next time I’ll use a less fatty cut of beef.

Another mistake is I should have used a bigger and shallower pot/pan. I do have one pan which will fit quite nicely, but as it doesn’t have a lid, I chose to use another pot with the lid. With the smaller pot, I’d to shift my ingredients around to make sure each of the them have enough cooking time in the boiling broth. In the end, with all that shuffling, my pot of sukiyaki didn’t look as good. Not a big deal, I simply served each ingredients nicely grouped together in a bowl.


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