Longest I’ve Ever Been Away From Home

Today was the 14th day that I’ve been here in London. That means this is the longest time I’ve ever been away from home. I never had the luxury or opportunity to take longer period of time off to travel; man got to make a living, you know. Previously when I was here in London, I’ve only spent 9 days.

I’m slowly adapting, I guess.

Tried Eritrean food tonight. Injera was a lot more sour than I imagine. But overall, it was not that bad. The “dips” were nice and hot. I especially enjoyed the lentil dip.

Earlier today, I’ve prepared a hearty lunch for Rui Rui and myself. On our plates, we had cold soba with dipping sauce, 2 hard boiled eggs, blanched broccoli and lastly, beef with mushroom stir-fry.

For “dessert”, Rui Rui prepared another of her vegetable smoothie. I was taken back by its bright green colour. As Rui Rui never follow an exact recipe for her vegetable smoothies, no two smoothies ever look the same.

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