A More Stimulated Mind? Dreamful Nights.

I’ve been in London for exactly 1 month now. For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been dreaming in my sleep a lot more often than I ever have for the past 10 years.

Not sure why is that but I’m assuming that it’s because my brain has once again been given more stimulation from my new environment. Previously, I was practically living day to day, in an automated state. I’ve gotten too comfortable in my routine. Here, I’ve been exposed to many new things and activities; there’s a lot of new stimulations for my brain.

Have I adapted to my life here? I’m happy to say that my acclimation is progressing. I had a rather rough start, I must say. However, with constant effort from Ah Rui and myself, our place has became a lot more liveable.

One of the things that I’m looking forward to is to join the nearby gym; getting a bit of workout will definitely lift my mood. It’s nice to have a decent gym so close to me; it’s practically at the end of the road, 3 minutes walk away.

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