White Breath, Fried Rice and DIY Haircut.

After picking up Ah Rui from the nearby station last night, she mentioned that she could see her breath. It was only then I realised that the weather’s getting colder. It didn’t feel any colder though; I didn’t even notice the breath until she talked about it.

Made my 2nd batch of Roti Prata last night. Had the dough made two nights before and left it in the fridge to chill overnight. Last night, with my sleeves rolled up, I formed that dough into 17 pieces of Roti Prata and have them frozen.

I’m getting better at making fried rice. Have it twice this week. Purposely made extra rice so I can have excess to make fried rice with for the next few days. The taste wasn’t bad at all. In fact, I’m getting more efficient in the kitchen, with all that time spent inside. Cool. Advancing my new life skill.

Another life skill I’ve since unlocked is DIY haircut. Bought an electric hair clipper set that came with the usual clipper guards (to prevent you from shaving more than you wish), an apron, a pair of scissors and a comb. Ah Rui is kind enough to learn (from YouTube) and shave the sides and back of my hair for me. After the nerve-wracking (for both of us) first time, she actually thought that it was kind of fun. We took baby steps on the first session, only allowing her to use a number 4 then a number 3, letting her get a feel of the whole thing.

About a week later, we went from a No.4, to No.2 to create a more gradual fade. By now, she’s gone completely without a clipper guard and a “closed” position on the clipper, which is the closest the shaver will get to your skin. Of course, in that position, she was shaping/ shortening the back of my hairline at the back. Thing is, she’s confident enough with heavy, buzzing hair clipper and I, on the receiving end, can feel that from her strokes and that, to me especially, is comforting.

The top of my hair though, the part where a scissor is required, that bit is left on my own. I’ve learned how to trim it sections by sections and have gotten used to the awkwardness of snipping my own hair from the mirror. While my hair will never look as fresh as one done by a professional hairstylist, I’ve managed to get a “it’s about 2 weeks since my last haircut” kind of look.

And that’s good enough for me.

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