Two Months In.

Almost 2 months in London now. What can I say about this whole experience? I’m glad to say that I’m slowly adapting to life here, but this new environment is constantly throwing new things for me to adapt to.

Lately, there’s the daylight saving which ended on 30th October. Suddenly the days seem so short; the sky goes dark by 5pm. That’s a bit disruptive because I’ve a natural tendency to want to go home/stay home when it gets dark.

When I thought I’ve gotten used to the chilly temperature, it only got colder. These days, the air has gotten so cold that it numbs my face. That means when I thought I’m looking all suave in my layered clothing walking in the streets, with my coat flapping in the wind, my nose could be running and I won’t even feel it. For that, I’ve developed a habit to give my nose a quick rub every now and then, just to reassure myself.

We are also receiving a lot more rainfall. For all my 39 years, I’ve never been so into the weather forecast. Back home, almost everywhere I want/needs to go, is sheltered. There’s almost always a sheltered path/underground tunnel to get me to my destination. Even when I’m doing some kind of outdoor activity, I don’t check the weather forecast; now it’s a daily routine to check the weather for the day and plan/dress accordingly.

I can no longer wear my t-shirt, shorts and flip-flops combination just to go to the neighbourhood supermarket.

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