You Will Be Missed.

Woke up this morning to a piece of sad news; a person, whom I considered one of my limited benefactors in life, has passed away.

She was the one who recommended me to a job where I’ve enjoyed a 7 years tenure. Every time, we meet up in person, she would sing endless praise about my jewellery designs and how much she adored those designs I’ve produced for her precious pieces of jade.

When my mother was gravely ill, she would make it a point to include my mom in her daily prayers. During those dark time, every little kindness I’ve received eased my troubled mind and heart.

Back in September, right before I leave for London, I’ve contacted her and we briefly chatted over the phone; I’m glad I took that opportunity to express my gratitude towards her because nobody knew that that would be the last time we contacted each other.

Thank you again, Mrs. Nellie Yeo. You will be missed and fondly remembered.

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