Taiwan Trip Jan 2020 – Part 3

Street photography of Hualien, Taiwan.

Hualien (3 Days 2 Nights) 14th January 2020 (Morning) Got up ridiculously early this morning. Got a morning train to catch to Hualien where Constant Companion RR and I spent the next 2 nights in. Arrived at the Taipei Main Station’s TRA Station with ample time, Constant Companion RR popped into the convenient store and bought some breakfast. Constant […]

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Taiwan Trip Jan 2020 – Part 2

13th January 2020 (Day 3) Efficient! Friendly! Government Bureau! On this day, Constant Companion RR and I had to head down to the local Household Registration Office to get some administrative work done. It was quite an interesting experience for us. The building has a really aged look; and within, it houses various government departments to serve […]

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Taiwan Trip Jan 2020 – Part 1

Foreword Just returned from a rather productive trip to Taiwan. Constant Companion RR and I have managed to complete all the tasks we have set for ourselves before this trip. In the midst of getting things done, we also managed to spend some quality time with the family and even visited a couple of strange, new […]

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Seoul Trip Oct 2019 – Changdeokgung Palace

22nd Oct 2019 (6th Day in Seoul) Brunch We searched for what seemed like a cafe on Google Map which offered a bruch menu, because Constant Companion RR wanted some brunch. Unfortunately, the eatery was not what we expected; it turned out to be more of a bakery with a cafe addon. From the rather limited menu, Constant […]

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Seoul Trip Oct 2019 – Gyeongbokgung Palace

Traditional Korean Palace guards coming in from Gwanghwamun Gate.

21st Oct 2019 (5th Day in Seoul) Gyeongbokgung Station I was looking forward to finally visit one of the palaces in Seoul. The first of the two palaces I visited during this trip, I must say we came a little unprepared, but thankfully, I must say things worked out in our favour at the end. […]

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Seoul Trip Oct 2019 – National Museum of Korea

Exterior of National Museum of Korea in Seoul.

20th Oct 2019 (4th Day in Seoul) An Early Start We started the day surprisingly early this day. For the first time in this trip, we managed to get breakfast in Seoul. In a very pretty and fitting blue dress, Constant Companion RR and I left our hotel room and started on our almost ridiculous […]

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Seoul Trip Oct 2019 – Seoul Museum of Art

Beautiful brick building against a clear blue sky with fluffy white clouds.

19th Oct 2019 (3rd Day in Seoul) Seoul Museum of Art This day, we finally realised we can refund our single-trip tickets from this machine which can be found, normally next to the ticket machines, in every Seoul Metro Station. By the third day, we amassed quite a stack of single-trip cards, so by the […]

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