Taiwan Trip Jan 2020 – Part 5

Hualien (3rd Day) Breakfast It was a lovely morning. Later that day, we would take the afternoon train back to Taipei. Constant Companion RR and I woke up especially early to try some local breakfast. We went to a nearby joint (highly recommended by Google Map) which specialises in the typical Taiwanese breakfast items. Nothing much […]

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Taiwan Trip Jan 2020 – Part 4

Hualien (2nd Day) Taroko Gorge Today we have arranged a private tour with our hotel concierge, to Taroko Gorge. Constant Companion RR and I would be taken to a few locations. Taroko Gorge itself is beautiful; it is always nice to be surrounded by nature. It was a beautiful day really. Our driver/ guide was chatty and […]

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Taiwan Trip Jan 2020 – Part 3

Street photography of Hualien, Taiwan.

Hualien (3 Days 2 Nights) 14th January 2020 (Morning) Got up ridiculously early this morning. Got a morning train to catch to Hualien where Constant Companion RR and I spent the next 2 nights in. Arrived at the Taipei Main Station’s TRA Station with ample time, Constant Companion RR popped into the convenient store and bought some breakfast. Constant […]

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