Interesting Incident illustration: Boy with Balloon

There was this boy with a black balloon on the train last night. The draught created by the moving train, brought his balloon right beside my face. When I looked at the boy, he was fixated by his balloon, completely unaware of my existence.

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06th March 2019 – An Update

Spent a good part of today’s afternoon on one of my personal projects; felt really good, like I have accomplished something with my time. That feeling is rare these days, especially at work. Feeling a little jaded lately; it is like I have done nothing notable or achieved anything that I can be proud of. […]

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Taiwan. Jan 2019. Part 4

Day Five (11th Jan 2019) “Journey to Alishan” Breakfast Our 2D1N trip to Alishan began on the fifth day. After we have prepared ourselves since 5 am that morning, our first order of business was to grab a bite. As we got a train to catch at 9 am, we made a quick venture out […]

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Taiwan. Jan 2019. Part 3

Statue of a baseball player. Roundabout, Chiayi, Taiwan.

Day Four (10th Jan 2019) Chiayi The Morning Rush This day, we planned to stay one night over at Chiayi just before we catch our train up to Alishan, early next morning. We have prepared our luggage the night before for our 3D2N trip away from Taipei. Mainly because we did not want to freeze when we are […]

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Taiwan. Jan 2019. Part 1

Just returned from another trip to Taiwan last week, thought I would like to write a bit about it. That would be my third time in Taiwan and I would say that it was the most memorable and personal one, so far. I had the pleasure to fly with the company of my cousin, Nana, […]

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Milan, Italy. May 2018

Duomo di Milano, Milan, Italy.

For the 2nd part of my Italy trip back in May 2018, Constant Companion RR and I spent a few days in Milan. Comparing the two cities, I would say Rome intrigued me more. I have posted quite extensively about my time in Rome previously. This post might feel a little too short. After my […]

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